Career Opportunities


The Applewood Learning Center prides itself in the high quality programs it provides to the children and families it serves. Applewood recognizes that the foundation upon which these programs grow is the staff. As such, Applewood has a vested interest in attracting and retaining the most highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Nationally, compensation in most early care and education programs is inadequate and inequitable. Early childhood educators typically earn low level wages. This is supported in numerous studies, including the 1995 Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes Study. In the 401 centers participating in the study, it was found that 93% of the staff earned less than their similarly trained counterparts employed in other fields. Low wages lead to a high staff turnover rate. It is estimated that one-third of the nation’s early childhood educators will leave their positions in 1995. The end result of high staff turnover is low quality programs, which places children at high risk. “What we call turnover, children experience as loss.” It is a loss of consistency, a loss of security, a loss of a trusting and nurturing relationship. This loss impacts social, emotional, and cognitive development during a child’s critical years of growth.

To avoid these outcomes, The Applewood Learning Center strives to maintain high quality programs through staff development and retention. It is the goal of Applewood to develop and continually review the compensation package it offers to staff. It strives to provide a planned compensation program that is internally equitable, externally competitive, and personally and professionally motivating. Every effort is made to offer the best compensation and benefits package within the means available.

As it is Applewood’s goal to attract, develop and retain outstanding educators, compensation is based on performance and mastery. All compensation packages are built to reflect this philosophy.

A certificate of completion for the Child Care Licensing Unit Orientation is required for all candidates.  The online training can be found here.

The Applewood Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, veteran status, handicap status, or age.

We are currently hiring for Part Time Teacher Assistants.  This can be a great fit for college students, high school students, or those looking for flexible, part-time hours.  Please send your resume and cover letter to

Substitute Teachers– On an as needed basis working with all age groups from 6 weeks – 12 years old. 12 credits in ECE and experience with young children are required. Positions available immediately.

Applewood is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers competitive compensation and benefits. Please contact us for more information.