Q. May I come on a Tour?
A.  Certainly!  Waiting list families are invited for a virtual or in-person tour once we know we have a compatible opening for their child.

Q. What are your hours of operation?
A.  Our secure facility is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6:00pm.

Q.  What days is your school closed?
A.  Applewood is closed on many traditional holidays, as well as on the last two days of August for our Annual Staff Professional Development Days.  We make every effort to remain open in inclement weather.

Q. I am nervous about leaving my baby.  How do you handle transitions?
A.  We understand that starting a new school can be a difficult transition for you and your child.  Whenever possible, we encourage a gradual transition, where you and your child visit together as often as possible, gradually increasing the length of your stay.  Plan to spend a few extra minutes visiting and settling your child in during drop-off during your child’s first few days. You can provide a family photo for us to display in the classroom, or we can take one for you.  Most rooms have a one-way mirror so you can observe your child from the hallway.  Each classroom has a direct phone line, and while nap-time is typically the best time to call, you are welcome to call as often as needed.  We fully support breastfeeding and welcome moms to join us at any time to nurse in our quiet family room.  We have an Open-Door policy, and that means you can pop in any time you want, unannounced, to visit or check on your child.  If you’re in the neighborhood at lunch, feel free to join your child’s class for a meal.  Your child’s Head Teacher is happy to share additional transition ideas with you … just ask!  We’d like to make this transition smooth and successful for you and your child.

Q.  Do I need to provide diapers and wipes for my baby?
A.  Yes, families are responsible for providing diapers and wipes for their children.  We are willing and able to use cloth diapers provided by the family.  If this is something you are interested in, please speak to the classroom staff to make arrangements.

Q.  What does Applewood mean by “family focused”?
A.  Family focused implies that the staff recognize and value the family as the child’s first and most important teachers.  We will look to you for ideas on working with your child, understanding his or her development, and for ways to make your child’s time at Applewood as positive as possible.  We want to know about your beliefs, values, culture, and traditions, so that we can do our best to honor these in the classroom and share them with the community to the extent that you feel comfortable.

Q.  Do you keep track of my child’s progress and development?
A.  Absolutely!  The Applewood teaching staff conduct on-going assessments of the children’s development through checklists, portfolios, and observations.  These assessments are shared with the family during our two family-teacher conferences throughout each year.

Q. May my child attend Applewood part-time?
A.  Yes.  Applewood offers a variety of part-time schedules to meet your family’s individual needs.  You may choose from a combination of full days (6:30am to 6:00pm), extended days (8:30-2:30) or half-days (8:30-12:30).  Our minimum enrollment is two extended-days or three half-days.  Requests for extra days or hours will be granted whenever possible.

Q. Do you provide meals?
A.  Applewood offers a nutritious afternoon snack each day for all children over the age of one.   Each family provides their child’s morning snack and lunch, and Applewood provides milk at lunch each day. Families of infants provide breastmilk or formula as well as any meals or snacks until the infant is one year old.

Q. When do the children nap?
A.  Each infant naps in their own crib according to his or her own needs.  Safe Sleep practices are always followed.  Toddlers nap once each day after lunch, for about 2-3 hours.  Preschoolers also nap after lunch for about an hour or two.  Schoolagers are offered an hour of quiet time after their lunch.  All children are allowed to fall asleep and wake up according to their own biological rhythms.  Children who do not fall asleep within 30 minutes are provided with a quiet activity while their friends sleep.

Q. Will my child play outside every day?
A.  The staff at Applewood places great value on the benefits of outdoor play, fresh air, exercise, and connecting with nature.  While infant schedules are individualized, we aim to bring the infants outside each day.  All other classrooms have outdoor play scheduled twice each day.  Applewood offers a traditional playground with climbers and swings, as well our “Outdoor Classroom”, a unique natural playspace.  Outdoor time is dependent upon weather conditions:  during the winter months, windchill or air temperature must be above 15 degrees, during the summer months we avoid the hours of 12-2 and stay inside on “Air Quality Action Days” as determined by the NH Department of Environmental Services.  Additionally, we follow a “sun safe” policy requiring hats and sunscreen during the warmer months, and encouraging insect repellent when the threat of EEE is present.

Q. What is your student to teacher ratio?
A.  Applewood prides itself on offering “best-practice” ratios that meet or exceed the NH Bureau of Child Care Licensing requires.  Our Infant ratio is 3 or 4 to 1, Toddlers is 5 or 6  to 1, Preschool is 8 or 12 to 1 and School Age is 15 to 1.

Q.  Does my child need to be potty trained to enroll in your preschool?
A.  No.  Our preschool has diapering facilities, and therefore children are not required to be fully potty trained before entering preschool.  We’ll be working closely with families to ensure their child is potty trained shortly after entering preschool.

Q. Can you tell me about your School Age Program?   We offer School Age child care on many school holiday closings, snow days, and on school vacations. During the summer, we offer a full day School Age program with crafts, recreation, and many field trips to exciting local exhibits.